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Margaret Cavendish's Philosophical and Physical Opinions (1663 edition)

Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673) wrote numerous works of philosophy, plays, and poetry, as well as a science fiction work, an autobiography and a biography of her husband. While many of her works are available online, her 1663 edition of Philosophical and Physical Opinions has not yet had an open access and easily searchable edition until now.

This open access, searchable version of Margaret Cavendish’s 1663 edition of Philosophical and Physical Opinions is the first version of this text to be hand transcribed and available to the public. The text was transcribed by 70+ participants in a transcribe-a-thon in the Fall of 2019. The final product was proofread and edited by Marcy Lascano and is available here:


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The Metaphysics of Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway:

Monism, Vitalism, and Self-Motion

Oxford University Press

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This book is an examination of the metaphysical systems of Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway, who share many superficial similarities. By providing a detailed analysis of their views on substance, monism, self-motion, individuation and identity over time, as well as causation, perception, and freedom, it demonstrates the interesting ways in which their accounts differ.